International Ministries

International mission trips ignited my initial interest in making videos. I was greatly affected by the short trips, and I desired to show what I saw to others, encouraging them to come on the next trip.


I had the great honor of making this video for Shabach Ministries International. Dr. Jean Heder Petit-Frere may be in your children’s history books. The work that is happening in Haiti, by Haitians, through this ministry is very encouraging. Summer 2010. Canon HV30 & DM50, Edius Neo, Music by Page CXVI.


As a junior in college, I joined a small team from my evangelical church on a 17 day trip to help Guatemalan missionaries. In an effort to show others the experience, I quickly found the limits of Power Point, and realized the need for video. Five years later I returned to make this video. Summer 2010. Canon HV30 & DM50, Canon 7D by Jeff Dow, Edius Neo, Music by Chris Heifner.